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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between a SENSEO® coffee machine and an espresso coffee machine?
    The SENSEO® coffee machine is not like an espresso machine. It is a Coffee Pod System that makes a sensational cup of freshly brewed coffee with a rich crema layer on top.
  • How long does it take to prepare one or two cups of coffee?
    Once the machine is ready, it takes less than a minute to prepare a cup of coffee. Before the first cycle, the coffee machine will heat the water for approximately 90 seconds.
  • What colors does the SENSEO® Coffee Machine come in?
    The SENSEO® Coffee Machine is available in four colors: Black, White, Blue, and Red.
  • Can tea be prepared in the SENSEO® coffee machine?
    Yes, although tea preparation requires a different pod holder.  These pod holders are included with the Supreme and Deluxe machines and will be available for purchase soon at
  • Will the coffee machine turn off automatically?
    Yes, if the machine is not in use for an hour, it will turn off automatically. However, we would encourage you to unplug the Coffee Machine from the electrical outlet if it will not be used for an extended time.
  • What type of warranty does Senseo offer for the coffee machine?
    Senseo offers a 1-year warranty from date of purchase with an original sales receipt, and agrees to repair or replace the Coffee Machine without charge. Excluded are the cord, coffee pods, accessories, and damage resulting from misuse or abuse.
  • Can the coffee machine parts be cleaned in the dishwasher?
    Yes, parts that are removable are dishwasher safe. This includes: the coffee outflow unit, pod holders, cup tray, drip tray, and the water reservoir.
  • What is the difference between the SENSEO® Coffee Machine and a traditional coffee machine?
    The SENSEO® coffee machine's patented brewing system uses perfectly balanced proportions of coffee and water. Mild pressure and a special spray head produce an optimally balanced coffee filtering process. It’s a unique coffee machine that makes a superior tasting, gourmet cup of fresh coffee.
  • Can I use other coffee pod brands in my SENSEO® Coffee Machine?
    No. While we recognize that other manufacturers pods may fit in the SENSEO® Coffee Machine, the coffee blends are different and will not result in the same premium quality, and consistency on a cup-by-cup basis.
  • Which is the most popular color of the SENSEO® Coffee Machine?
    The black is the most popular to date in Europe.
  • Why does the indicator light continue to blink slowly, after the initial heating cycle of 90 seconds?
    You may have skipped the first step to flush the appliance with water. The boiler must be filled with water before the brew cycle begins. Or, you may be using the SENSEO® Coffee Machine at higher altitudes above 6800 ft. above sea level.
  • Why does the water continue to boil and the indicator light blink slowly?
    When you use the SENSEO® coffee pod system at higher altitudes, 6800 ft. (+) above sea level, the water in the machine will boil sooner than the machine requires for brewing. The coffee machine will produce more steam and less coffee per cup under these conditions.
  • Why is the indicator light blinking rapidly?
    When there is not enough water in the reservoir to make a cup of coffee, the indicator light will blink rapidly to indicate that the reservoir needs to be refilled. Or, the appliance is in a room where the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The appliance will not function properly at these lower temperatures.
  • What happens if the water runs out while I am brewing an 8oz cup?
    Simply add more water to the reservoir. Once the water has filled the boiler, the brewing cycle will resume.
  • Why is the lever stuck in a locked position causing the lid not to open?
    The pod holder is probably blocked, and may require cleaning. A vacuum may have temporarily formed under the lid. Turn the machine off, pull the lever up as far it will go and wait 24 hours before opening. Use a soft brush or a toothpick to remove the coffee grounds trapped in the coffee pod holder. If the problem persists, contact Customer Care at:

  • Why is there only half a cup of coffee during the first brew cycle?
    You may have skipped the first step to flush the appliance with water. The boiler must be filled with water before the brew cycle begins.
  • How often should I clean or "descale" the coffeemachine for mineral buildup in the boiler?
    It's time to clean or "descale" the appliance when you notice that the brewing process takes longer than usual. If the machine is used twice daily on average, we recommend descaling once every three months. See directions for use for "descaling" process.
  • Why does the lid seem hard to close?
    The pod may not be positioned properly. Put the pod in the pod holder with the flat SENSEO® side facing up, and check whether the coffee is evenly distributed by pressing the pod down firmly before you close the lid. When you want to make two cups of coffee at the same time or one larger cup, be sure to use two pods in the 2-pod holder.
  • Why is my coffee too weak, or too strong?
    Check that you have used the correct number of pods in the appropriate pod holder for the number cups selected.
  • My coffee is not hot. Why?
    When you first turn on the coffee machine, we suggest that you run a one-cup brew cycle with an empty pod holder in place. This will ensure that the boiler is heated to proper brewing conditions and that you will have a hot cup of coffee. Another suggestion is to rinse the cup or mug with hot water a couple of times.
  • How to contact the Customer Care Center?
    To contact the Customer Care Center for fulfillment of manufacturers’ warranty - Toll free # 866-473-6736 = 8664SENSEO
  • Does my Senseo® appliance need to be descaled?

    Yes. Descaling is an important element in Senseo maintenance. It should be done at least once every three months, up to six times a year!

    Keeping your Senseo free of scale will:

    • Ensure you have maximum cup volume
    • Ensure you have maximum coffee temperature
    • Make your Senseo produce less sound while brewing
    • Prevent your Senseo from malfunctioning
    • Prolong your Senseo's life.

    The descaling process takes about one hour and should not be interrupted. Only a descaling agent based on citric acid can be used safely in the Senseo. Other agents, including vinegar, may damage your appliance or not remove the scale entirely. If the procedure is not performed correctly, scale residue may remain in the machine. This causes scale to build up more quickly and may cause permanent and irreparable damage to the machine.

    For the right procedure to descale your type of Senseo, see attached documents.

    Descaling for HD7830, HD7832 and HD7842   

    Descaling for HD7805 through to HD7826, HD7840 and HD7841 

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I reuse a coffee pod to make a second cup of coffee?
    We do not recommend this. The second cup of coffee will be rather weak. Also make sure the lid is closed properly, and do not press the 2-cup button if you want to brew only one cup.
  • What material is used to manufacture the coffee pod filters and are they bleached with chloride?
    The coffee pods are manufactured with filter paper made of all natural fibers. All of the filter paper used to make coffee pods are oxygen bleached, and no chloride is used in the process.
  • Is SENSEO® coffee only ground or freeze dried as well?
    SENSEO® coffee, after roasting, is only ground. To keep the coffee as fresh as possible after roasting, it is packaged quickly after grinding in a protective atmosphere, locking out oxygen as much as possible, as oxygen ages the coffee.
  • Is the SENSEO® coffee wet or dry roasted?
    The majority of the blend consists of a so-called wet roast, 'washed Arabica', where water was used to remove the bean from the coffee cherry.
  • How are the SENSEO® coffee bags made to ensure freshness?
    The SENSEO® coffee packaging is made of plastic with a very thin layer of aluminum to provide a good barrier to oxygen. To keep the coffee aroma in the package for a longer period of time, the SENSEO® coffee pods are packed under nitrogen to remove the oxygen (packaged in a protective atmosphere). This process is, by the way, completely harmless for people's health, as nitrogen is the major component of the air we breathe.
  • What is the process for decaffeinating the SENSEO® coffee?
    Douwe Egberts uses the dichloromethane method (DCM) to extract caffeine from coffee. This is of a quality specially made for the food industry. The green beans will be moistened with water and soaked in the extraction liquid for half an hour. This process is repeated several times. After the caffeine is dissolved, the DCM containing the caffeine is removed. Then, for a long time, the beans will be steamed to remove possible remains of the solvent, Further, the beans will be dried with warm air and cooled with cold air. Finally, the coffee will be roasted the usual way, ground and packed. No solvent remains, and the coffee meets the regulations set for residue levels.
  • What is the amount of caffeine in the SENSEO® coffee varieties?

    Mild Roast: between 60 & 80mg/100ml;
    Medium Roast: between 70 and 90mg/100ml;
    Dark Roast: between 70 and 90mg/100ml;
    Decaffeinated: less than 3mg/100ml.

    These are average amounts as they may vary depending on the natural caffeine differences from the coffee beans.

  • Is the SENSEO® decaffeinated coffee 100% free of caffeine?
    Decaffeinated coffee is not 100% free of caffeine. According to essentially all national food laws in the US, the remaining caffeine level after decaffeination has to be below 0.1% of the dry weight of the roasted coffee. In practice, it is not a problem to reach such a low level, and the level in decaffeinated coffee is mostly below the limit.
  • Does the coffee contain oil?
    Coffee contains no cholesterol, but it does contain oil. Use of a paper filter in brewing helps filter off this oil. The SENSEO® coffee brewing process is very efficient leaving hardly any oil in the brew.
  • Are the SENSEO® coffee pods environmentally friendly?
    The used pods can be discarded as compost able waste.
  • What is the best way to store SENSEO® coffee?
    Based on research, we recommend keeping the coffee pods in a cool place in its original sealed package, but not in the freezer. After opening the bag, keep the pods in its reseal able bag or airtight container for up to 3 weeks. Do not place the pods in the refrigerator, as it tends to attract odors and moisture, which can affect flavor.
  • Which is the difference between a SENSEO® coffee and a espresso?
    The SENSEO® coffee is not the same as an espresso. Espresso is a strong coffee brewed by quickly forcing hot water through darkly roasted, finely ground, coffee beans. SENSEO® coffee grounds are not as finely ground. The mode of filtration is also different and explains why the taste of SENSEO® is more like filtered coffee. The frothy coffee layer on top is a result of the low pressure brewing method that only a SENSEO® machine can produce.
  • What is the shelf life of the coffee pods?
    The shelf life date codes are indicated on the package. We advise you to use the coffee pods within 2-3 weeks after opening (like your package of usual ground coffee).
  • What is the quantity of coffee for each cup from the SENSEO® coffee machine?
    There is approximately 4 ounces of coffee when the one-cup button is pressed. When the two-cup button is pressed, it will yield two 4-ounce cups or one 8-ounce mug.
  • Is there a chocolate flavor coffee pod that can be used with the SENSEO® Coffee Machine?
    Yes Senseo Vienna, Godiva Chocolate Crème and Café Noir are three chocolate flavored pods offered by Senseo.  Check the for future releases.
  • Which varieties of coffee pods are available?

    SENSEO® has many coffee pod varieties for use with the Senseo® coffee machine.

    Some include, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, and Decaffeinated.

    City Sensations varieties include Paris - Vanilla Bistro, Vienna - Hazelnut Waltz
    Each City Sensations bag contains 16 pods and weights 3.92oz.

    Cappuccino has 10 pods and weights 4.40oz

    The Origin blends varieties are Sumatra, Brazil, Kenya, and Columbia.
    Each bag contains 16 pods and weighs 3.92oz. (Some Products available online only)

  • Does the coffee have additives?

    SENSEO® original caffeinated coffee varieties (Medium, and Dark Roast) and Origins blends are 100% pure coffee and do not contain additives.

    The caffeine in the Senseo® decaffeinated coffee pods is removed by a process using solving agents, which dissolve the caffeine and the coffee pods therefore contains a legally allowable trace amount of the solving agent

    Our other varieties are artificially flavored; please call 866-4Senseo for more detailed and additional information.

  • What are the differences between some of the coffee varieties?

    The Medium Roast is more aromatic and rich; and very appropriate for the morning, as it is characterized by a balanced, harmonious and natural taste.
    The Dark Roast is robust and full-bodied, yet surprisingly smooth.
    The Decaffeinated variety has the same fine taste of Medium Roast, only without the caffeine.
    The Paris Roast is a simply sweet French vanilla, caramel flavored blend *.
    The Vienna Roast is a smooth flavored dance of hazelnut, vanilla and mocha *.
    Cappuccino has creamer in the pod.
    Sumatra Blend is an intense premium blend of Arabica beans selected from the mountainous regions of Sumatra.
    Brazil Blend is a subtle taste and soft finish provided by beans from Sul de Minas in Brazil, also known as “the coffee mecca”.
    Kenya Blend is composed primarily of slightly sweet beans with a soft finish and hints of fruit from the hills of Kenya.
    Columbia Blend is made from beans from Colombian valleys and ravines that create an aromatic coffee with a strong, full taste.

  • Are the SENSEO® coffees made from pure Arabica beans?
    Mild Roast, Medium Roast and Decaffeinated are 100% Arabica beans. The Dark Roast is a blend consisting mostly of Arabica and some Robusta beans.
  • What is the origin of the SENSEO® coffee blends?
    Due to confidential company policy, we usually do not reveal exact origins of the coffees. The blends mainly consist of a balanced blend of Central American and Brazilian coffees.
  • Why should I register in for Club SENSEO®?
    Club SENSEO® offers you advanced special information and offers such as "Coffee of the Month Club", and notice on new blends.

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